Saturday, April 28, 2012

2012 Preschool Field Trip

Well, I said I would post a little bit  about the field trip we had out here at Lone Mountain Ranch.  As I mentioned last year, my son's preschool and us decided to make this field trip an annual event.

We were told that this years field trip topped 2011's.  Most of everything was similar, first a walking tour of the shop, working facility, observatory, and the old jail out here. 

Then onto a hay ride where we drove the kids to the hay barn, calving barn and up to the bull pens.  However, this year we had a newly born calf that the kids got to pet, Logan not only led his horse Rocket around for everyone to see, this time (with the parent's permission) Logan led Rocket around with his classmates taking turns riding him.  Instead of pouring grain out of the grain truck into a bucket for them to see, we let them climb the ladder to the grain trailer and peek inside (20 tons of grain!) 

Another new addition this year, we actually made it out to the farm portion of the ranch. 

Unfortunatley, this is the only photo I got!  You can view more of last year's field trip here.

It had snowed a few days before the field trip, but luckily the New Mexico sun dried everything up just in time!

Now, how to outdo 2013?!

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