Wednesday, December 19, 2012

16th WIP of 2012

Hey all!  It's dark and gray with a snow storm swirling in right now.  How's that holiday sewing coming along?

I decided to make Logan's teachers some lunch bags for this Christmas.  The fabric is La Femme by Melissa Crowley that I won from the Zakka Sew Along.  It's so pretty!  A few pieces of my stash make these bags up as well.  Most of you will recognize the layout as Ayumill's tutorial. 

Remember that community project for Logan's school I spoke about.  I am making a quilt with the kids; each kid is making a block of their hand and I will sew them all together and quilt it.

Here are the one's who have finished their blocks.  Aren't they coming along nicely?  Some of the kids are really getting into sewing, so I have had several parents approach me with questions on what materials to buy and encouraging their child in this interest.

Notice Logan's block isn't in there. 

Now for that triangle quilt that I started way back when.  This is where I am at now.  I don't know.  This is for a little special someone, but admittedly I am losing momentum on it.  I am trying so hard to power through.

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Mandy said...

Those lunch bags are going to be great! Lucky teachers!

Beth said...

Nice teacher gifts! I really like triangle quilts too.

marcella said...

Oh, how I love making those lunch bags. Your's are looking really great. Glad the kids are having so much fun with their class quilt. Hope you get your quilting mojo back for that triangle project!