Saturday, September 5, 2009


A thought came to my mind when my father-in-law was visiting last. He was questioning me about why I haven't done this to my house or why I haven't done this to the yard. My response to him was that I think we are still in college/apartment mode. Though I have discovered now that this was just another excuse.

After three years here, we have not hung up so much as a picture. The yard is still the same from when we first moved in, a bunch of weeds. When we first moved here I had made up plans for the yard, but never put forth any of those plans into action. Ideas I had for decorating quickly dissipated. I always blamed the hours; ranching is a 24/7 job.

I was talking to my husband about this the other night because for some reason it kind of bothered me. He said that he simply doesn't care whether our house is full of pictures, furniture, etc.; but that I need to stop living like I am going to pick up and move on at any moment. I relflected upon this statement and realzied my whole life has been like this. Being in a military family you never know when you might be transferred to another base, city, or state. While growing up, we rented all of our houses and because of this my Dad did not allow us to hang things up on the wall (it would put holes in them) or re-decorate (it's not our house), and so forth.

But I have found myself in "nesting" mode ever since my father-in-law came to visit. Any spare time I have it has been spent pouring over decorating magazines for ideas, ideal flowers for this area, new lawn plans, paint colors, and so on. All of these new ideas I have had, I ran by my husband(though he says he doesn't care he does live here too.) He stated that he loved all of them, just as long as I don't expect him to do anything and I start with the bathroom.

So, a new tablet of graph paper, some colored pencils, swatches, and measurements; I have thrown my excuses out, come to terms with my faults, and I am finally putting forth my decorating schemes.

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hope today is a better day for you, call anytime you need to.