Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Night at the Rodeo

Last week my husband received a call from an old employee from the ranch. He and his wife had two extra rodeo tickets and wanted to know if we would like to attend with them. Well, of course my husband said yes.

Becky (the wife of the employee) and I got on the phone with one another and finalized Saturday night. We were to meet them at their house, then off to dinner and the rodeo.

What a wonderful night! It has been a while since we've been out with another couple. Dinner was outstanding; Texas barbeque. The arena where the rodeo was held was like any other, cramped seats with no leg room. Not exactly the best seating arrangement with a toddler on your lap but Logan did pretty good.

When the lights went down and the loudspeaker blared, Logan jumped up and wrapped his arms around my neck...I think it made him nervous at first.

The bucking horses and bulls at the rodeo were amazing. Some of the best riders were on these animals and they were still getting bucked off. Cowboys were flying everywhere!

One of my favorite moments was after the last rider walked back into the chute, the lights turned off and the spotlight came up to another chute where they let out a beautiful mare named Cajun Moon. The announcer told the crowd how attending the fair is a family event, you look thorughout the crowds and see generations sitting there or walking throughout the fair grounds. He talked about how these rodeo animals are family too. That is when another spotlight came up and a little filly, Cajun Sunrise, came running out to meet her mom. The two of them ran around the arena while the announcer continued on with his story.

A concert followed the rodeo, some new country artist. I only recognized one of his songs. It was about halfway through the concert that Logan was getting tired of our cramped quarters. My husband took him out to run around outside while we stayed and finished the concert.

We did not get home until 11:30 last night, an extremley late night for us all. However, the lateness was well worth it.


beth said...

glad you got to go out, wish we were there too. It was great talking to you this morning. I skipped Church and am having a 2nd cup of coffee and some mommy time. Jeans didnt dry in time and it was a good excuse.

Anonymous said...

Beth could not have put it better. It is about time!!! All work, no play makes you ..... I love you and I am glad you had a great time! More should follow and don't wait so long. Mom