Tuesday, September 15, 2009

To Throw or Not to Throw

Back in college, my apartment was the place to be. That is where everyone hung out; younger starving college students would come over and I would feed them, talk to them about difficult classes, professors, their love life, relationship crisis and so forth. I would have a dinner party one night and a group quilting get together the next. In the Fall, a trip to the local pumpkin patch and then back to my place for a carving party. Before Christmas break my little kitchen would be covered in cookie ingredients; my living room decorated with a Christmas tree and other holiday paraphernalia. I was once told that my apartment always smelled like something was baking, and usually something was.

I have come to miss those days. I love "playing" hostess but have seen the lack of it since I have come to live and work here. And now I am craving to play the part again.

For the past week I have been debating with myself on whether to throw a Halloween party or not. Since the only people I really know here are my coworkers; them and their families will be on the invite list. My mind has been filled with ideas for decorating the yard and house, a buffet style lunch/dinner and treats, costumes, pumpkins, and activities for the kids (ranging from the ages of 10 years old to 19 months old.)

Then I think about the other side of things. All the time and work that goes into it. This never detoured me before but for some reason it has over the past three years. Have I just gotten lazy? Sure things have changed since those college days; I now have a son, but shouldn't that be more of a reason as to throw these type of things?

So my question out to the world (and a decision quick from me as Halloween is coming up fast) should I throw a Halloween party this year or not? (Any ideas/activities would also be appreciated!)


beth said...

Go for it, I have some fun treats for the kids I found that I want to try on James, I will email them to you. My favorite - eyeball cupcakes and spider crackers. Plus spiced cider is always a hit. You shoud carve pumpkins too!

beth said...

www.kraftfoods.com has some fun ideas for all holidays, I like the halloween ones,

Shelly said...

Thanks Beth! I'll check it!