Sunday, December 20, 2009

Angels by Day

I read somewhere that toddlers tend to act up more with those who they are most comfortable with - those they are around the most. Therefore, I get the brut of the temper tantrums, while Dad usually gets the fun, loving Logan.

To kill time before the Christmas party/Rosary we attended last night, we decided to run some errands and do some last minute Christmas shopping. In public and at other people's houses Logan is an angel; since he has been able to walk we've let him walk on his own. He always grabs our hands and never wanders too far. Sometimes he will go up and show someone something of his (but never without mom or dad there.) At the Sportman's Warehouse, he decided to show one woman (who was actually on her cell phone with her 2 year old grandson at the time) and her husband his shirt underneath his coat. She thought Logan was so cute that she gave him a five dollar bill for a Christmas present.

Logan slept through most of the Christmas party. When he did wake he sat there quietly watching all of the people talking and eating. I showed Logan the host's Christmas tree (always spectacular), from then on whenever Logan wanted to see the tree he brought someone with him.

A while back we were at our friend's house in Albuquerque visiting, Logan sat there on the couch with his hands folded in his lap. When our friend let their dog's in and Logan wanted to play with them, he wouldn't unless he had our friend with him.

He sits in the cart at the stores nicely and looks around, sometimes pointing at something and telling me about it. When in a restaurant he'll talk with us and eat is food; watching others around us.

Once we get home, the little angel (as my friend puts it) sprouts horns. He runs frantically throughout the house getting into everything. When I tell him "no" to leave something alone, Logan gives me a dirty, angry look and screams.

For the most part, Logan is a good kid. When he is not acting up he is loving, affectionate and a little jokster. But once the evening comes and the tiredness sets in, the little demon emerges and I do my best to put him at rest.

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