Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sleeping Beauty

Some way or another we have fallen into a different sleeping pattern. Logan has not been napping much during the day lately; which is not fun for me considering I use his nap times as the time to get everything done in the office.

Yesterday was another no nap day. We ran around the house playing, built a village out of blocks around his train track he got for Christmas, watched a movie, and just had fun. I thought all of this play time, followed by a hot bath would knock the kid out...nope.

Usually without a nap more temper tantrums flare up, but this was not the case. He was pretty good all day. Finally after dinner, with red cheeks and rubbing his big brown eyes, my little guy could not fight it any longer. Around seven-thirty he was out. It is well past eight in the morning now and I can just hear him stirring.

I think my sleeping beauty needs to get back on mom's schedule.

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beth said...

must be something in the air, mine has been off too. We came home from Church today and he put himself down for a nap WITHOUT lunch. Woke up really early this am too. Hope Logan gets back on schedule for you soon