Friday, January 7, 2011

Sibling Rivalry

Since Aslyn has been born, I have been asked on very numerous occasions if there is any sibling rivalry between Logan and her.  The answer: No (at least none yet.)

People voiced their concerns on starting Logan in preschool after Aslyn was born - "he will get jealous wondering why he has to be apart from Mom while Aslyn is hanging around all day."  This was never the case!  Logan loves school; it's his time to play and be around other children his age.  When Aslyn is there with him, he tries to show her off.

Logan loves his car walker and still plays with it to this day.  I put Aslyn in it and showed him.  "Oh boy,  I bet he threw a fit and went off the handle!" one person said.  Another, "Did he get mad?"  Again, the answer: No.  Logan thought it was great!  He tried showing Aslyn how you hold on to the steering wheel to steer, he showed her what buttons to push for what songs, and he pushed her around the house, the whole time talking and laughing with her.

If you watch the two of them, you can just see how much they love each other.  Aslyn seems to have a smile whenever Logan comes around to say hi.  If one of them gets upset the other's (whether Logan or Aslyn) face is full of concern.  Logan tries to console Aslyn by patting her and talking softly to her.  He always wants her involved in whatever we are doing.

I just hope that as the years go by and they both get older, they remain close to one another. That they always share a special bond.

And when the world feels like it is falling down around them (because sometimes it does - especially in the teen years) and there is absolutely no one out there who could possibly understand what they are going through, I hope that they can confide in each other.  That they stand up for one another.  That they will forever and always be each other's best friend.

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