Monday, January 10, 2011


Definition: Yum-Yums: 1. A food Logan really likes. 2. If hungry, something in particular he wants to eat or snack on.

Saturday was our usual stop and go throughout Albuquerque.   Always, the first stop is lunch - our family treat; once a week we go out to lunch.  We usually go to a nice place - an Asian restaurant,  The Cajun Kitchen, Olive Garden, or someplace new (two weeks ago was a Mediterranean restaurant -Yum!)  But seeing as we are kind of on a tight budget right now; we swung by Taco Bell.  Usually we unload Logan and Aslyn from the car and go inside.  However, seeing as they both were asleep  we opted for the drive-thru and then parked and ate; reserving Logan's order for when he awoke (about half an hour later.)

As the day drew on, we drove place to place, debating whether we should do birthday shopping for Logan this weekend or next; we passed by McDonald's.  Logan pointed from the back seat and said, "Momma, Daddy.  Yum-yums."  My response, hand him one of the many snacks I had packed.  Then we passed yet another McDonald's (I swear they are on every other block!)  Again, Logan pointed and said, "Yum-yums."  I looked at JP in the passenger seat and exclaimed, "Okay, that's the second time we passed McDonald's with Logan pointing and saying "Yum-Yums."

JP: Maybe we should stop and get him a happy meal or something.
                               Me: Alright, at the next one we'll stop.

So, when we approached the third McDonald's, I pulled into the drive-thru and ordered Logan a cheeseburger happy meal.  JP handed it back to him, and Logan sat quite content devouring the sandwich. 

JP: Wow, he must have been hungry.
Me: I don't understand.
JP: What?
Me: It's not like we eat at McDonald's.  I can't even remember the last time we had been.
JP: He must have seen a commercial.
Me: Where?  We don't have television.
JP: Ohhhh.  I don't know.

We continued discussing this peculiar request from Logan.  Finally concluding that those golden arches must somehow send out messages that only kids can hear. 

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