Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year

Can you believe another year is gone?  The days are just blurring together here.

Well, in honor of the new year, it is time to reflect on past resolutions and make a whole new set.  How did you all do?

Here are my goals for 2011....

1. Find a picture I love and hang it on my wall. - - For those of you who have been to my house know that my walls are absolutely bare.  Not a single thing hangs on them.  It's time to change that!

2.  Take a class in something. - - Whether it be a day long class that our local nursery offers or a longer one (i.e. photography, salsa dancing, or fly fishing)

3. Blog at least two times a week. - - This past year I have not been very consistent with this blog!  From one blog a month to seven.  I think twice a week is doable since I don't always necessarily have to write.  Some days can just be pictures! 

4. Do at least one "new" family thing a month. - - Every weekend it's the same thing; go into Albuquerque and run errands, grocery shop, etc.  Well, I would like to take one weekend a month to do something different, whether it's going to the zoo, a local baseball game, or just a picnic.

5. Take a gosh darn family photo! - - Our last "real" family photo, Logan was three months old in!

6. Gather Logan and Aslyn's baby things (i.e. footprints from the hospital, ultrasounds, etc.) and put them in their photo/scrap books.- - Right now all of these things are either shoved in my file drawer or between books on Logan's book shelf, it's time to organize them.

7. Catch up on some of my sewing projects.- - I have three aprons I promised people two years ago, curtains to make, a quilt for Logan, a quilt for Aslyn, and so on.

Okay, while I could probably come up with many more resolutions; I think this list may be long enough!  Wow!   2011 is going to be a busy year!

May you all make 2011 an incredible, joyous year filled with love and laughter.  Cheers! 

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