Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Weekend 2011

We had a nice, quiet, relaxing weekend.  On Saturday, one of Logan's classmates, Emma, called and asked if he could come over to her house and dye eggs.  Well, Logan was pretty excited about this!  Since Emma started school at Cibola House, he is no longer the youngest and has made it his job to take Emma under his wing and show her the ropes. 

Even though the day was for the kids, us grown-ups had a good time too.
Getting the dye prepared.  Krista (Emma's mom) and Emma

Picture time.  Emma's dad (Ryan) is behind Logan snapping away.

Checking out Emma's eggs.

Dying eggs.

Emma and Ryan

 The Easter bunny hid the beautiful eggs that Logan and Emma had dyed.  So Sunday morning Logan and Aslyn hunted them down in our backyard.

Aslyn enjoying the egg hunt.


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