Thursday, April 28, 2011

I'm In Trouble

Remember my projects list?  Well, I have scratched some off and added a bunch more.  One of them being this ADORABLE sampler.  Wouldn't this be gorgeous in Aslyn's room?  I don't know how to do crewel work, but I will learn!!

 I'm really into bright, cheerful, Spring-y fabrics lately.  When I first started quilting I leaned more towards your calicoes - which are timeless and therefore, I still love!  However, these days I see some bright fabric and my mind immediately races to what projects I could use it for.

More  fabrics I've been drawn too are your children's lines. Brown Bear, Brown Bear, Dr. Seuss, Spot, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, any of those have been catching my eye lately as well.  Probably because they use a lot of bright colors.

I don't know what I would use this for, but dang it's cute!

These owls just make me smile!

And I never thought I would say this in my life, food fabrics. I know!

I feel I could just pluck those peas right out of there and start munching on them.

Don't these strawberries look delicious!

All the endless possibilities.  I could just spend hours and hours (if I had them) looking at and planning for all the beautiful fabrics out there.  One thing I did - which I have never done before - is took out some graph paper and designed my own little quilt.  If ever Whenever I get to it, I have all the fabric in my stash - 1930's reproduction prints. 

Now, if only I could squeeze more time out of the day!!  (sigh...)

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