Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Power Outage

Sunday is our day to stay home, relax, and hang out.  My original plan was to go out and try to get the rototiller started, then start tilling the garden (I've done everything by a hoe thus far.)  However, the winds were blowing 60 mph.  Not a very good day to till.  Though, I feel as though I'm running out of time.  Mother's Day is always my day to plant and I'm not even near getting the soil to my liking.

As I was hanging out in the living room with Logan and Aslyn, them playing on the floor and me looking at a quilt pattern trying to decide if I wanted to make it or make something similar to it, everything shut down.  The ceiling fan, I heard the fridge turn off, and then JP yelling from the computer room, "What happened?" - - he was in the middle of something in his online game.

Usually when the power goes out around here it comes back on within minutes.  Only one time in five years was the power down for three days - this happened when Logan was pretty little so he doesn't remember it.  However, after about a hour of no power, I realized this may be another one of those long term outages.

JP joined us in the living room, him whining about where he was in his game, me about how I can't sew anything now without power and how in circumstances such as these, a pedal foot sewing machine sure would be nice.

I stopped whining long enough to look at Logan and Aslyn, playing so peacefully together on the floor without a care in the world that the light coming through the window would soon be gone - it's also moments like these when I beat myself up for not buying any lanterns or stocking up better on candles.  My whining wasn't going to get the power back on any sooner, so might as well make the best of it right?

When the sun did go down and there was absolute no more light coming through the windows, I lit the few candles I have.  JP and Logan were given head lamps a while back so we dug those out, I remembered that I had a battery operated set of Christmas lights out in the bunkhouse that I had never used.  What better time than now?

Logan thought playing with his trucks by candle light was the best thing in the world!  He would run his tractor by the candle, smiling and, "Momma - whooooaaaaa."  Aslyn didn't seem to care either way, until someone got up to go in the other room for something and she realized she was sitting there all alone in the dark.

When the power finally did come back (Monday morning around 9:30 am), I found myself a little relieved and a little disappointed.  Relieved because, hey let's face it power is pretty darn convenient.  Disappointed because I knew that Monday night will be much like all other nights, JP in the computer room playing games, Aslyn and me hanging out in the living room doing whatever, Logan either with me or playing in his room. 

So often, our "family" time is running errands.  At home we usually are not all in the same room.  So, I found the evening rather enjoyable, the four of us hanging out together, reading, playing and just goofing around.

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