Saturday, April 30, 2011

Two Terrific Kids

It's undeniable.  I am spoiled with these two. 

Just this morning Aslyn, who has been very needy lately, would not take her morning nap so that I could take my shower.  A shower I desperately needed.

Logan awoke, crawled on my lap, and we talked a bit.  Finally, not being able to stand sitting here in my own filth a moment longer, I asked him if he would watch his sister while I took a shower.

"Uh huh Mama."

When I got all cleaned up and walked out, here were these two, playing away (picture above.) 

And when Logan figured I was ready enough to take over role of mom to his sister, I walked out of her room and found him here.  Stealing my cup of coffee I had just poured a moment before.

Then there is little Miss Princess Pea crawling (yep, crawling) her way towards me when she caught me snapping her picture. 

My two beautiful, happy children.  I am one lucky mom!

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beth said...

CRAWLING!!! Yeah, you are in SO much trouble. And they are so cute taking care of each other, if only you knew the conversation going on while you were out of the room.
Logan "Hey there little pea, how about you scream to get mom's attention by acting all cute so I can sneak into the kitchen and steal some coffee"
Aslyn "shure, as long as you promise to let me ride a pony tomorrow"
Logan "A pony, how a bout a bull!"
Aslyn "Ok, you first"
Logan "and then Ill teach you to open the gate in the yard..."
No cute moment goes unpaid for as a mom :) but they are pretty darn cute.