Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Just a Few Things - Nothing Really

Well, I have just been busy as can be in the office.  Tomorrow is our HFAC review - humane treatment of animals - and they want to look at all of the records on the cattle.  Luckily, most of what they want to see I keep track of in the computer and on paper for our NHTC (non-hormonal treatment of cattle) certification.  But still, I don't know how the two auditors or reviewers will vary.  We had our first NHTC audit back in November and our reviewer was just so easy to work with.  If anything was amiss she gave me a couple of days to straighten it out and then e-mail her with it.  I'm not sure what the HFAC people will be like so I will be spending today making sure everything is in order and caught up.

Last Sunday, after getting dressed in a pair of running pants, t-shirt, and light sweatshirt I planned to spend my day relaxing, working in the garden, sewing, etc.  However, JP came in and said we had to be at a graduation party at 2:00.  Well, so much for that!  The party was for our ranch hand Earl's grandson.  He just graduated from High School and was having a big bash with 6 other seniors from his class.

I have been wrapped up in the quilting/sewing online community lately!  I was wondering whether I should start a blog on that and focus mainly on my projects and share them with others, not just in this blog....

Logan's last day of school is this Friday!  And stupid me I didn't even think until this morning whether or not I am suppose to give the teacher's a gift.  Am I?  I'm new to all this and don't quite know the proper protocol.

Apparently, for Logan's graduation (he still has 2 more years of preschool but everyone gets to "graduate") the teachers will be wearing graduation robes.  Well, the kids decided they wanted some too!  So, since everyone knows I sew... I was asked if I could make graduation robes for the school.  Not for this year obviously since there is no way I could get 13 robes done by Friday!  But for future use.

I swear Aslyn is going to start talking just so she can yell at all of us.  She does it already in her baby babble.  Also, we've noticed that when she goes to crawl around, she takes her right sock off.  It has been pointed out by two people on why she seems to do this.  So she can get a better grip on the floor to move faster!  When I brought this up to JP, he looked at her and sighed.  What? I asked.  He returned with, "I don't want to have two kids smarter than us!  What will we do then?"  Hey we're still the parents right?

It's already 9:22 am.  I guess I've goofed off enough this morning.

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beth said...

Hope your HFAC went well. Im shure you had everything in order. I hate it when you feel inferior to your kids, sometimes I swear mine are smarter than me too. I love that Aslyn takes off her sock for traction - Madilyn did the same thing only on both feet. And yes, she will start in full sentences. Madilyn has this finger point thing and then bla bla bla and you know exactly what she needs/wants I fully expect sentences out of her too. I think it is the girl genetic - they talk just because they can and it is bossy!
Love and hugs to you and the kiddos