Sunday, May 22, 2011

Rio Grande Valley Celtic Festival & Highland Games

Our usual Saturday events (which  included taking Alexander (our newest arrival - came all the way from Germany to do an internship with Lone Mountain Ranch)) to the feedstore got a bit sidetracked this past Saturday.  Oh, we did take Alexander to the feedstore - come to think of it, we spend a lot of time at this particular feedstore.  I mean really we go there almost every Saturday...

Anyway, while at this feedstore, I got a call from Lily (one member of our Albuquerque family) asking me if we were going to be heading into town.  When I told here where we were, she said to meet her at Balloon Fiesta Park and she will get us in for free at the Celtic festival.  Lily works this festival every year as a Rugby staff. 

So we all loaded up in the car and headed out.  I'm one who likes spontaneity, however we were so unprepared to be out in the sun all day long.  No sunscreen for Alexander, myself, or the kids.  No large brimmed hats for any of us.  Needless to say our German friend is a little red this morning as is my nose and cheeks.  The kiddos look just fine.

There were numerous events going on such as a dog show - I saw a Scottie dog wearing a kilt which I found odd and quite humorous.  Strong man events (the weight throw, sheaf toss, Scottish hammer throw, etc.)  JP thought it would be more impressive if they were trying to toss a Volkswagen bug.  I told him he should go out there and do it then.

I quickly saw why Lily volunteers on the Rugby field every year - a bunch of attractive muscly, half naked guys running around...  That's all I'm saying. 

We ate, we walked around and looked at all the different vendors, we listened to the bagpipers - a nice little change of pace.

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