Friday, May 20, 2011


Music has always been a staple in my life.  Can you imagine a world without music?  I surely can't.  Music helps you run farther, move faster, and in some people's case, concentrate better on the task at hand.

The guys here figured that last one out not too long ago.  We took Logan's boom box out to the working facility so we can listen to music as we work.  Stan (the manager) works better without music and shut the boom box off.  However, once this happened, JP was scattered all over the place.  He didn't know what he was doing. The cattle were not being brought in (JP's job), the syringes were not being refilled with vaccinations.  So Stan turned the music back on, and JP was able to focus and get the job done.

On days filled with mundane entering data in the computer, I bring my MP3 player along to listen too.  Otherwise I can so easily get off task.  While doing homework throughout high school and college, there was always a CD running in the stereo.

The first half marathon I ever ran, I had a music player with me and the miles just flew by.  My second half marathon I did not have any music, and let me tell you, my thoughts are not that interesting for 13+ miles!  I even began getting quite cranky.  For the last 3 miles there were inspirational signs posted to help you keep going; I wanted to kick them all down.

I always thought playing in an orchestra for movie soundtracks would be an incredibly awesome career.  However, though I can play numerous instruments, I never had the confidence to go that far.  Have you ever watched a movie with no music.  Laaaame.  Even silent movies at least had music to them.

It's a shame that our educators feel it is more important for our children to learn how to take a ridiculous, meaningless test rather than learning things that actually matter.  With budget cuts in so many districts these days our children are losing out on some of  most valuable skills that will make them more rounded human beings - art, music...  We will have generations of kids with no creativity, no imagination.  Generations of robots.

I aim to always instill art and music in both my children's lives.  Music is one of those things that toys with your emotions.  Music gets in your soul.

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