Friday, May 6, 2011

Mother's Day Tea

For Mother's Day, Logan's preschool hosted a Mother's Day Tea Picnic.  Quilts were laid outside on the sidewalk for us Moms to sit on.  Each child was to bring his or her Mom a menu in which we circled the items we would like to have.

My menu

Yep, that's right, I circled everything!  Actually most of the mom's did.  Anyhow, Mom's were sent a memo earlier in the week stating that we were to do nothing, but sit back and have our child wait on us.  The children made everything on the menu themselves and had been practicing all week long being good waiters and waitresses.

We were to give our child our menu and they were to go inside and fix our plate and tea according to our menu choices and serve us. 

I gave Logan my menu....

Out came Eric with his Mom's plate....

Logan took this picture of Maizy getting her Mom ice tea....

And here is Logan, standing in the doorway watching and playing with his trains.  HEY!!!

He eventually got back on track and I received the plate I ordered plus another, then more ice tea.  Logan went in to get me a third plate (I never asked for the second) but I told him that he should come sit by me and eat too.  So he did.

Since I'm rarely without Aslyn on my hip, JP and I worked it out so that the tea would just be a special time for Logan and me.  Aslyn stayed at the ranch and ran molasses with her Dad.

Back to the tea.  I know I have mentioned before that there are donkeys who live right next door to the school, they roam around and get the fruit peelings (banana peels, orange rinds, etc) from the kids' lunchboxes. 

Well, the Mom and daughter donkeys (I forgot their names) came to join the picnic...

Daughter donkey - Logan took this picture.

Mom donkey - Logan took this picture too.

All of us Mom's ordering our tea

At the end of the tea picnic, each child presented their Mom with a potted plant as a gift.  I don't remember what the name of the plant is; I do remember that it is good for both sun and shade.

A gorgeous day and a wonderful time with my little boy!

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