Friday, October 2, 2009

A Bigger Family

My best friend is pregnant, as is another friend of hers. Another friend of mine wanted to start trying for another about six months ago. It is so exciting to see a little one come into the world. To watch them explore and see everything for the first time. Each child is a blessing.

Back when my husband and I were dating and had that "how big of a family do you want?" chat we came to seven kids. However, him and I have always been a little late on the big life events. After seven years of dating, we got married; five years of being married and we had our little one. Now when we have the family discussion the numbers have dwindled to two, maybe three. I mean let's face it, he and I aren't getting any younger. He was almost 30 when we had Logan and I was three weeks shy of my 29th Birthday.

I come from a family of four kids all two to three years apart. My husband has one sister who is nine years his junior. He has made it extremely clear that he does not want Logan's sibling(s) to be that far apart in age. His sister and him are from two completely different worlds.

Logan is almost two and I still remember the pain of having him. I remember how much I hated being pregnant. Everyone was telling me that pregnancy is wonderful! You get doted upon and spoiled. That never happened in my case. I would be throwing up (morning sickness was awful) and was told that once I got working and moving I would feel better. In which I concluded that nothing makes you feel better while pregnant.

I still debate whether I do want more children. My husband has also made it clear that he does not want Logan to be an only child. However, he is not the one going through all the pregnancy changes and pain of child birth! I have been told by family, friends, even strangers (the produce guy at the supermarket put in his two cents) that a second child would be perfect, especially if it was a girl to balance out the family so to speak (apparently the produce guy is clairvoyant-he says my next will be a girl.)

When debating the bigger family argument in my head, I wonder how in the world I will be able to work with two young ones in the office with me. Logan is still a little young to be heading out working cattle all day with his dad. And I am already beside myself with just Logan in there with me. This was actually a discussion I had with the manager's brother. He said that I'm tougher than I think and that I will figure out a way to make it all work.

Either way, I am still up in the air about the whole thing!

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beth said...

I totally agree with you - pregnancy is SOOOOO overrated! I dont really care for it either. I feel like there is a little Lucifer in my belly taking over my world. So far this week I have thrown up more than I did during my 6 collective years of college, cried more than 24 hours, I feel bloated, cranky, bitchy, I cant see my feet and oh yeah - this is suppose to be fun. And if you do decide to get pregnant again, I am with the produce man - you need a girl so James can marry her...remember the plan?