Saturday, October 10, 2009

Another Late Night

Last Sunday my family and I were invited out to the Anuual Balloon Fiesta. We woke and dragged ourselves out of bed at 4 am to get to the park in time to meet with our balloon pilot friend.

Logan was in ah with the colorful ballons inflating and soaring into the morning sky. He being too little (don't I use this phrase a lot) stayed on the ground with Dad so Mom could fly over Albuqerque.

There is a tradition afterwards where you initiate the first time flyers, you toast with champagne and feast on meats, breads, cheeses and fruit. During this time we met a family of five. The girls are 14 and 12 and the little boy 8 years of age. Logan took a shine to all three immediatley! He would take the hands of the girls and show them "stuff," give them handfulls of grass for presents. They had a kite with them that they allow Logan to fly (with help of course.)

Before parting for the day, the family and us exchanged phone numbers. The next day the mom called my clan to their house for a dinner party. Last night we took off work early to drive the hour drive out to their place (which is right next to the Balloon Fiesta. Last night was the glowdeo (balloons inflate and pilots make them glow in the night) so what would usually be an hour took us two with all the traffic.))

There house was very exciting for Logan, they have a pool, a goat, sheep, chickens and two cats which Logan enjoyed chasing around. A fire pit was built in the back yard and burning hot (perfect for the chilly fall evening.) Philip, the little boy, brought out his firework collection (a few sparklers and pop-its) to show Logan. Logan dragged the 12 year old girl around the yard and showed her how he can open, close, and lock their gate leading out to the pool.

The whole balloon gang was there as well, the french crew and our friend with his wife. We drank wine, beer, and margaritas while chatting around the fire pit until it was time to eat.

It was another late night for us but we enjoyed every minute of it.

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beth said...

Yeah!!! That sounds like fun. Im glad you got out to do that.