Thursday, October 29, 2009

Random Thoughts

Isn't it funny how we as parents are the ones who are suppose to be teaching our children, when in reality I think Logan has taught me more so far than I him?

Aren't boys suppose to like getting gooey, dirty, and play with all things disgusting? While carving pumpkins the other day, Logan refused to touch the "guts." Last year he couldn't stay out of them. My husband finally took Logan's hand and forced it inside the pumpkin, Logan began crying. I told my husband to not force him otherwise pumpkin carving is going to turn out to be a traumatic experience and Logan will never want to do it.

I often wonder how badly I am screwing Logan up...

The other day I was drinking my coffee, only to have it start tasting like soap. Not understanding why and thinking perhaps it was because I had just drank something else right before hand; I swooshed my coffee around in it's cup and found a bar of soap at the bottom. Little boys are so sneaky!

A cardboard box is a wonderous thing.

I wonder if Logan likes the sound of running water; he is constantly going into the bathroom and turning the shower on. As soon as I go in there and shut it off, he's back turning it on again.

Office supplies make some of the best toys.

No matter how hard you try to prevent it, something you don't want to be ends up colored.

If I had known that being a parent meant I would never get a full night sleep again, I would have slept more when I was younger.

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beth said...

How big is your coffee cup if a bar of soap can fit in it unnoticed? Boxes are the best, they ALWAYS color on things you need (like grocery lists, check books and taxe forms) and no you arent messing him up any more than I am James. It is all an experiment, there are no owners manuals and as long as you love him every day and tell/show him that - all else will be forgiven. Besides, little ones love to play in mud puddles, with office supplies and shower faucets. It is part of the growing process. Now if you didnt let him experience these things, you would be causing irreversable harm (in my book)