Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Bargains and Propositions

Isn't it funny how whenever something "new" comes into your life, it suddenly becomes a bargaining chip? For example; when my husband and I first got our dog it soon became "if you take him out this time, I will..."

And the situation does not change with children. In fact I think that children become the prime bargaining chip for everything. And not just bargaining; propositions suddenly become available. My husband told me yesterday that if I went and watched a specific scary movie that just came out in theatres, he would stay home and take care of Logan. Of course it is a movie that I would never want to watch because I know how freaked out I'd be.

But then there's the other side of things. I could go and 'pretend' to watch the movie just to have time away. But then I'd have to lie and it would become a whole hassle. The truth would eventually come out that I drank coffee and browsed the bookstore instead.

Oh what to do?


beth said...

I like the coffee and bookstore idea - you could tell jp that you went to the scary movie with me...and get more time out of the house since it would be a longer drive to Snohomish :) That movie is sounding pretty good about now I bet

Anonymous said...

lol, I want to go tooooooooo!