Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I have discovered that boys will be boys whether they are young or old. And Logan is no exception.

A while back we went out to dinner at the Olive Garden. Across the room was a little girl in a high chair eating dinner with her parents. Logan, in his own high chair was yelling at her and flirting. So my husband took Logan over to the table to meet the little girl. Immediately, Logan turned shy. The little girl on the other hand already knew the way to a boy's heart by trying to share her chicken fingers with Logan.

Another instance; while out on the town a little girl came up to Logan, grabbed his hand and led him over to the play area of where we were to play. She showered him in hugs and kisses in which, Logan being a little boy, walked away from her and "wiped" the kisses off his cheek. However, they soon were good playmates.

It all just goes to show, boys talk and play a big game but when all is said and done; they are as timid as a little puppy.

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beth said...

They never do outgrow it do they... a cute girl and they cant say a word, or try to get the girl cooties off as soon as possible if there is any affection in public. Im glad that he is able to interact with others though, even if shy. James is still that way with most girls too.