Friday, August 7, 2009

Play Time

Though I absolute-ly hate it when the weather decides to throw us 100 degree heat days, one thing I do enjoy is playtime. Water hoses, sprinklers, mud, anything to cool you down makes excellent outdoor activites.

I am a firm believer that kids need to be kids, little boys need to be little boys, and little girls need to be little girls (no matter if the little girl is a girly girl or a tomboy.) If this means making a mud hole in my garden or backyard so be it.

Back in April during our sale; several inches of snow had dropped making the ranch a beautiful post card picture, but as the day warmed up, all that snow turned to mud. I wasn't going to stop Logan from playing in it (nor was my girlfriend going to stop her son-that is why we are friends.) I remember people telling me, "I can't believe you are letting him (my son) play in the mud like that!." Why? What's wrong with it? Him and my girlfriend's son were having the best time!

I believe that too many kids are trapped indoors with video game systems, television, ipods, cell phones, and other electronic devices. What happened to the great outdoors? Perhaps it's because their parents never gave them the opportunity to get diry so they go outside and don't know what to do out there.

A blog posting written by the same girlfriend mentioned above said that she can judge a good day for her son with how much dirt he has on himself. This is so true! You know, not just by the gleaming smile on their faces, that they truly had a chance to run and play. A chance to be themselves; a kid.

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