Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Family Visits

One of the great things about having long distance family come visit is that they want to spend every waking moment with my son, Logan. This allows for Mom and Dad to have a small break.

For the past week and a half, my father-in-law stayed with us. My husband and I had a "date" night where we watched a movie in an actual movie theatre and without subtitles! My son is still unable to sit through even 15 minutes of a movie; we all sit down at home to watch one and before the previews are even over, he is running around the house playing, grabbing our hands to show us his new findings, and yelling, chasing our dog. Hence the subtitles and the worn out rewind button on the remote control.

Besides date night, I had the opportunity to go to work child free. The office seemed eerily quiet at first; but being able to get everything done without looking over my shoulder to see what trouble Logan was getting into every minute made it well worth it. Even when I had projects brought to me an hour before quitting time; I did not feel any stress what so ever. I knew I had a few more child free days to get them all done in.

Though I get a little stressed before family arrives (finding time to clean the house, work, grocery shop, plan meals, and chase Logan around) once they are there I feel as though I have more free time to do what I want to do. For example, I got to read several chapters in my book. This doesn't sound like much, but before Grandpa came it took me three days to read nine pages!

Several days I came home from work to find that my father-in-law installed child safety latches, fixed broken items around the house, put together items we hadn't found the time to do yet, and cleaned.

It just goes to show that grandparents are not just there spoiling their grandkids; Mom feels pretty spoiled as well.

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