Sunday, August 16, 2009

My Little Hiker

Several times now I have heard people say that it is best to take your child hiking when he is at the age of three. Whether they mean overnight backpacking trips; it is not specified.

I have taken Logan on numerous hiking trips (all day long ones) and he does great! He can usually hike the majority of the trails himself without too much trouble. And when we come to a rough spot, he just takes Mom's hand to help him along.

Recently we took Logan for a day hike in Bandelier National Monument. The trails are easy and non strenuous; it was when we got to the ladders that he had a bit of a problem, his legs being too short to reach each step. Dad would grab Logan and haul him up and down the ladders.

Logan loved going into each little cave "house", exploring the tiny dirt rooms, and seeing the views from the windows. As we descended down the trail loop to the bridge with the creek, Logan began playing "tour guide" and pointing out to everyone passing by the water rushing beneath them.

My goal is to embark upon Logan the importance of protecting and respecting mother nature, to enjoy and take in the beauty around him, and to see what a wonderful gift our world is.


beth said...

I have found that most of those hiking with kids books are made for city kids. We went on a "hike" the other day around a lake (big pond) and it was mostly paved and only took a 1/2 hour. Logan is use to running around and hiking at home, he probably has the stamina and strength of a 4 year old.

Shelly said...

You're probably right! He can out do me at times!