Thursday, August 27, 2009

First Haircut

Though I loved Logan's curls, they were simply getting too long. Not brave enough to cut them off myself, I searched the phonebook and internet for a speciality salon in children's haircuts.

We took him to the shop (Mop Tops-perfect name!) and sat him on one of the toy cars. He screamed and latched to my neck. So, I ended up sitting on a barber chair while he sat on my lap, screaming, squirming, and crying. Even bribery did not work (the hairstylist tried to give him a lollipop.)

I know that the hair stylist did this for a living and that she has cut many a squirming kids; but I was impressed by how Logan's haircut came out with him moving around the whole time.

Logan received a certificate stating it was his first haircut and for mom, a lock of curl.

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