Thursday, July 30, 2009

Bare Cupboards

Last night as we were all about to eat dinner; I got up and opened the refrigerator to pour a couple glasses of milk. My husband then commented on how bare our fridge is. I had noticed but not thought much of it. After dinner, however, I took a good look in the fridge and cupboards; it was like looking in a college student's kitchen - minus the beer.

Usually we go into town on Saturday to take care of grocery shopping, dry cleaning, or whatever other errands need to be taken care of. These past few weekends we've gone into town, but did not go to the store. We were so excited to break away from our usual routine that food was not a priority on our weekend to do lists.

My husband has so much faith in me; he thinks that I can concoct an elaborate dinner out of ketchup and noodles however, I prefer to have a little more to work with. So today Logan and I will be making a special trip into town to fill our bare kitchen back up and do ranch odds and ends. Grocery shopping is not my favorite way to fill a nice day, but at least it will get us out of the office for a while.

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