Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Market Bag

Farmer's Market season is here!  YAY!! In celebration, I made this market bag adorned with all sorts of yummy veggies.

The fabric collection is Homegrown and I got it, as well as the pattern at Connecting Threads.

I have to admit that this was my first attempt at making any kind of tote/bag so bits of it were a learning process.  Especially since I tend to start following a pattern and then slowly veer off to do things my own way.  Quilting and sewing is all about breaking the rules right?

Each of the eggplant plaid and celery lettuce plaid (don't you love that the colors are named by food?) are pockets (4 total) to keep all your smaller finds, phone, etc in. 

Anyway, how cute would one be walking the market booths adorning this bag full of all their Farmer Market goodies?

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beth said...

I got home today and there was a package on the porch, assuming it was for the kids - everything is - I left it until almost 4pm. I finally picked it up and it was for ME!!! I love the bag, I even toyed with asking you to make me one or copying you pattern. I love the material!!! AND perfect timing, it is farmers market night tonight!!! Yeah! And Thank you! I love it. And yes, I did notice the blog "makeover" I like it.