Thursday, June 16, 2011


Any spare moment I have today will involve patching pants.  You would think that being the only one who really does any sewing out here; I wouldn't be as surprised as I am everytime I get a new pile of patching that needs to be done.  But I am! 

I just completed fixing zippers on two of our ranch hand's jackets, patching a couple pairs of my husbands pants, and a couple pairs of my son's pants.  One of our ranch hands has three grown boys who all work construction.  Last month I received four pairs from his youngest to patch, and the other day our ranch hand's wife brought me three pairs from their middle son to patch.

These ones aren't quite as bad as the last batch I got.  I don't blame any one of them whenever a stack of clothing comes my way.  If you can fix it why throw it out right?  Besides, it is all work clothes anyway.

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