Friday, July 3, 2009


Well, I have done it. I have succumbed to the technological socialites and joined Facebook. I have heard that Facebook is a great way to network; you can post pictures, vidoes, tell your Facebook friends what you are doing every second of the day, and network for jobs.

Yes, I have fallen into the new age way of communication. No more cards, pens, envelopes and postage stamps. You can send all of that plus "gifts" via Facebook.

I admit I haven't done much on this vast networking engine; mainly because I don't quite understand it. There is an area where you type in what's on your mind, you can write on people's walls (which lets all of your other friends read it as well,) and applications for quizzes, etc.

Since I have joined, I have been able to get in contact with some of my sorority sisters; and my husband found some high school friends he lost contact with. It is interesting to see what everyone has been up too since high school and college.

Each day I take time to figure out just what the Facebook fuss is about and add more to my profile. I'm sure that once I get everything figured out I too will be a Facebook socialite!


Anonymous said...

I am still in the dark, I havent done the facebook thing yet. Scott is on there and likes it... i think?
I still prefer the old fashoned phone call, speaking of which, I owe you a call!

Shelly said...

Hey, I just tried calling you!!!