Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Inner Child

I purchased sidewalk chalk for Logan while out and about. Both he and I go out to the back porch to draw and color. Of course I am usually still going long after he quits. However, he does enjoy "erasing" my art work with the water hose!!

The water hose then becomes a spray of sprinkles for us both to run under; a mud hole for us to stomp in, a puddle where my art used to be to splash around...

Sometimes I sit here and wonder how I filled my days without him. What did I do? I have become so accustomed to spending these days with my inner child that whenever I am not around my son bringing that child out of me I feel...lonely? I don't know how to describe it.

Either way I am enjoying running around and being a "kid" again!

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beth said...

why do you think we had children? It was so that people wouldnt look at us like we are crazy for doing things like that. The other day James and I made mud pies in the garden - we were watering plants to start, I thik I was muddier than him by the time we were done making our "mountain" of mud and then flooding it with the hose in the end. You should never give up on the inner child!