Thursday, July 23, 2009

My Running Partner

I have read it over and over; the best way to keep motivated in your workout regime and lose weight is to do it with a friend. Some workout with their spouses or a group of girlfriends. This may be true for those who have spouses who are interested or friends nearby however, I don't have either. I tried the online sites where you workout virtually with a partner, but even those only kept me motivated for so long before it just became ridiculous. I have Biscuit.

Biscuit is not only my running partner but also my security alerter. Recently we have had the cougar and bear approach themselves closer to home and me running around in their territory may not make them all that happy. But I know if even a rabbit or coyote is nearby when Biscuit is around.

Like anybody else, there are days where he does not want to wake up before the sun to go out running with me. On several occasions now after passing the first cattle guard, he'll stop and watch me. I run a little further and ask him if he's sitting this one out or coming along. When he stops before the second cattle guard I know he's staying home. But he is always at the gate waiting for me when I get back!

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