Thursday, July 16, 2009

Race Ready?

Only ten more days until my first 5K race. Am I ready? Nope. I really began fretting over this last night after I talked to a friend of mine. Here I am just shooting the breeze, filling him in on what we've been up to, asking him about this and that, when I tell him about this race. He got all excited and asked more details; then said that he is going to go and watch! Uh oh.

The time just flew by so fast! When I had signed up for this race I had 3 weeks of training. Now as I look at my calendar I can not believe where the weeks have gone. I have run the distance plus more over the course of these weeks however, I have not put in as much speed work as I would have liked. Thus, I will more than likely not meet my race pace goal. Still, I will go out there have fun and let the adrenaline and excitement lead the way.

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