Friday, July 10, 2009

Test Run

A while back I had purchased an infant carrier to take Logan on family hikes. Since then, it has sat in his room collecting dust. Part of the reason for this is that I wait on my husband to want to be a part of the things I would like to do. However, I have decided that I am tired of waiting; Logan and I are going to go do things with or without him.

It all started on the fourth of July when I researched and picked three different events for us to go to as a family. A rodeo and firework display in Morarity; a parade, fireworks in Albuquerque; and fireworks overlooking Elephant Butte lake in Truth and Consequences, NM. After sitting down to discuss these choices with my husband I was told, "Unless it can outdo the Fire Festival on my game, I don't want to go." So, another fourth of July passed that we stayed home and did nothing; and for me, this was the last straw. I wasn't angry. I just came to a decision.

Now, I never considered myself or was even the type of girl who couldn't do things on her own. From movies to eating out to hiking; I have done lots of things by myself. But somewhere in my mind I had events and trips planned that I figured we should enjoy as a family. Everytime I planned a trip it got shot down by my husband just wanting to stay home and play his online game. I understand that this is his way to unwind and forget about work; everybody needs this time. However to me, the game seems to rule everything and everybody else out.

Finally I asked myself, "Why should I sit around waiting for him to be involved while life is happening?" My decision; I sat down and planned several day hiking trips for Logan and I. Since he has never been in his carrier before, I decided to give it a test run last night. He climbed right in! I lifted him up on my back and away we went, first around the house. We walked through the bathroom so he can see himself in the mirror, through the living room and bedrooms. Now for outside. Away we went walking around the ranch, not too far away from home in case he had enough. When we came back to the house and I put him down, he didn't want to climb out. Success!!

Let's see how we do on our little trip this weekend!

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