Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Opinions and Judgements

What is it with people who always have to have a say in everything you do? Particulalry with your child? For the past week I have had people give me more opionions and judgements on Logan than I care to hear.

1."He's not potty trained yet? My kids were all potty trained by 14 months."

2."When are you going to cut his hair? It's getting long. He should move to Madrid." (a nearby "hippy town")

3."He's still drinking on a bottle! He should be off that by now."

Good grief people. Sometimes I sit there and let the judgements/opinions go in one ear and out the other. Sometimes I retaliate. Usually when the latter happens I get another comment such as, "Well...he's actually not that bad," or "He is still quite young."

My favorites come from those who don't have any children of their own but feel the need to tell everyone else how to raise theirs. I have heard everything from what to do when he's fussy, how I should put him down to bed, where he should sleep, how he should sleep, when I should be feeding him, what he should be eating....I bet I can compile a list several pages long!

My opinion; this is all a learning process for everyone. Kids do not come with a manual. So just filter those comments you feel you can use and forget the rest.


Anonymous said...

Dont worry about what others say you should be doing, there is no owners manual for kids. Just because thier kid did something at a specific age, it doesnt mean that Logan has to follow their example. And do you remember James' hair, he had ringlets before I cut it. What ever works for you, Logan and Jp is what is right for Logan.

Shelly said...

I know. I was quite irretable when I wrote that day. Did it show? :)