Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Ever Changing Dream

In high school and college some dream of the fast pace life with the corner office. Some dream of making it big in Hollywood; others of traveling the world. Athletes of making the NFL, NBA, or MLB.

It's amazing how our hopes and dreams change. What you once thought would be a perfect life; changes to something else. JP was telling me about a comic strip he saw in a cattle magazine the other day. It was a man in his car, living the fast life, stuck in traffic. A balloon appeared over his head as he dreamt of a simplier life, ranching. The next block showed a rancher throwing hay; the balloon over his head showed him sitting in a beach chair drinking a margarita.

This comic strip illustrated exactly the changes in dreams that JP and I have been having. We gave ourselves 3-5 years to work here; next we are planning on trying to get a managerial postition; we talked of having our own cattle and starting our own ranch.

However, for the past several months, our dream talks have turned into wanting an even simplier life. A shack on the beach in the Caribbean; where the only thing we have to worry about when we wake up is whether or not we are going to wear flip flops.

Whether we fulfill this dream or not is another story. Sometimes it's the dream that just keeps us going through the day.


GeorgiPorgyB said...

I agree! We all have to have a dream, but remember there are beaches in Washington and even California.

Trish said...

But Georgi, if they move to the Carib. you've got some place cool to go on vacation!!