Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I love the sunrise. There is something comforting in knowing you are up earlier then most. I walk outside in the cool crisp air, take a deep breath, and let my mind float away while I watch and listen. A new day has come!

This is my time. No one is here to talk or need anything. It's just me and the world.

I listen as the sun begins to awake those around me. The cattle rise, low moos echoing across the mountains. The birds start rustling their feathers; small chirps can be heard as they prepare to fly out and gather breakfast for their babies. A cottontail hops from underneath the stack of wood outside my yard. I can hear small neighs and hooves hitting the hard ground as the mares and their colts mosey in from the pasture to get their morning grain.

The morning dew starts to glisten as the sun rises even higher. I hear JP get in the shower. A small cry hits my ear; Logan is awake. Our busy day is about to begin. My time is over.

I love the sunrise.

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GeorgiPorgyB said...

Yes, it is a wonderful time of the day. A time lost to most people, including myself. When the opportunity to get up early and watch the sunrise happens, I think that I could also use 10 more minutes of sleep and roll over. I guess I should listen to you and crawl out of that warm, comfortable bed and watch the sunrise more. Nah! I think I will watch the sunset, it takes all kinds.