Monday, August 4, 2008

"What's in Your Mouth!?"

He walked up to his mom, his face screwed up in a disgusted scowl, "Yucky," he told her.

"What's in your mouth?" she asked him as she held out her hand.

The toddler spit; a handful of chewed up snail shell, guts, and numerous other snail body parts, slimed its way into his mom's hand.

This is a true story told to me yesterday by my dearest friend, a mother of a soon to be 2 year old boy. And something that she will probably be saying a lot more as the days of toddlerhood go on.

We all know that taste is an important part of the 5 senses. Especially for little ones who are just beginning to discover the world. At 6 month's my son has to taste everything. And though there are some things I would rather not have him put in his mouth, (like the clump of dog or cat hair he retrieved from "petting" the two of them), I figure, when he's up and crawling/walking he will have a lot more and worse things (like snails...though I have yet to see one here in the will proabably be a snake skin, beetle, or some other kind of bug I have yet to identify) that will be in his tight little grasp and heading for those lips and tongue.

It's all just part of being a kid.

So for all those moms out there who fret about the germs that their child will inquire, don't. No matter what you do, they will get the sniffles, or put that (fill in the blank) into his/her mouth. It's just one of those inevitable things of raising a kid.

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Trish said...

Hey Shelly,
This is your husband's cousin, Trish. I'd love to read your daily thoughts and keep up to date on your life out on the ranch. I hope all is well with you guys. I wish I'd have gotten to see you when you were out here but no one tells me anything and I didn't know you guys were here. I have a lamp that was JP's and Jessie's when they were babies. It's a rocking horse and just so cute. I used it for both of my kids and I wanted you to have it for Logan. I couldn't find it when Georgi went out to see you after he was born, but I did find it afterwards. I hope that you make it back out.