Thursday, August 14, 2008

Another School Year

You can always tell when another school year is fast approaching.

For starters, 2 weeks beforehand all the shops offer tax free shopping on clothes and school supplies. Some how I forget this and choose this particular weekend to go to the mall; only realizing this while I am already out amongst the sea of hustling parents and their children. It's not all that bad, I usually end up benefiting myself; seeing as I only go to the mall when I am in pursuit of something.

I loved the first day of school. The smell of the freshly sharpened pencils and box of crayons would waft it's way to me as I opened all my new supplies; carefully organizing them in my binder and pencil pouch. The nervousness and excitement of a new year, with new kids and teacher would keep me up most of the night in anticipation.

The next morning I would dress in an outfit carefully chosen the night before, and head out into the crisp September air to the bus stop. I would look anxiously up the road for the bright yellow school bus to take us all away, wondering what the day would entail.

Because I still remember those anticipated school nights and days, I tend to observe the faces of the children on tax free day; some nervous, some excited, and some even bored.

Some day I will experience all this with Logan. Depending on where we are at the time, I'll either walk him to the bus stop or drive him to school; feeling a bit saddened that he is growing up so fast. But until then, I will savor every moment I have now.

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