Thursday, August 7, 2008

A Ranching Mom-I have it made!

I have to admit that I really have it made! I live 30+ miles from the nearest city on a large (28,000 acres) cattle ranch. Because I live so far away, there are no child care facilities nearby, therefore, Logan, my son, comes to work with me everyday.

It is difficult, sometimes, when I have a lot to get done, deadlines to meet, and he just wants to play. He currently does a fake cough to catch my attention if I am absorbed in whatever it is I am doing. But in the end, I save on child care costs, have the opportunity to watch him grow and develop each day, and have an excuse to take time out of a busy day to play!!

I was curious to see how Logan would do while needing to get some work done out in the working facilites. Before Logan was born, I worked outside a lot more, feeding, rounding up cattle on horseback when this needed to be done, doctoring, and so forth. Then when all these things were done, I would head over to the office and take care of the paperwork. Now, I am more of a "keyboard cowgirl" as my husband likes to say. But, we do ultrasounding here on the cattle, and I am the certified ultrasound tech.

Logan did extremeley well!! He just sat in his jogging stroller checking everything out (remember that milestone...Curious about everything.) Our dog, Biscuit, a blue heeler and Logan's "nanny" as we like to refer him as; would entertain Logan between cattle. When Biscuit was having a hard time getting the job done (which is rare), we would just push Logan around for a while, making sound effects of course, then he would be fine again. He would even nap in his stroller until I was/am done.

We are going to head out today to do some ultrasounding. I know Logan will be just fine, watching the bulls mosey on into the chute, Biscuit trying to cover both his positions as cattle dog and "nanny." Just another day out here on the ranch!

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Candylei said...

A wonderful life to be sure! I know at times you worry about their safety (small children) with farm accidents. The great part is that he will love ranching as much as you do. We need more farmers and ranchers.