Saturday, August 9, 2008

Finding the Simple Pleasures

I was watching Logan during play time this morning. Really watching him. I realized how much children get out of the simple pleasures in life.

It could be something as simple as seeing mom and dad, playing with the dog and cat, or watching the horses and cattle.

Logan's laughter echos through the ranch whenever Biscuit comes to play with him, talk to him, or even give him kisses.

For a little older children, pleasure comes from catching that bug they had been chasing for the last 5 minutes, stomping in a mud puddle, or jumping on the bed.

Teenagers and adults may find simple pleasures in lunch with their friends, a walk in their favorite place, shopping, or a good book.

So why do we lose the ability to find the simple pleasures in life? We have the same abilities as children do. Yes, life throws us challenges and turmoils; we start spending days worrying more about work and finances instead of taking a step back to appreciate these challenges and what life has to offer.

A few of my simple pleasures include writing, playing with Logan, reading, and hiking the many acres I have here to find a new discovery (i.e. the meadow 2 springs ago full of wildflowers!)

My challenge for you readers today, find a simple pleasure and enjoy it!!

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