Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Rural Life

I was never a "city" girl. Not even a little. The big, bad city always intimidated me. Though I have lived in a city, I prefer to live rural. As with anything (I know I've mentioned this before) there are pros and cons to this life.

Some pros:

You can not open your window and shout at your neighbor.

You can not hear your neighbors teenager coming home at 3 am, blaring the radio, and talking loudly on his cell phone.

Raising children out here. They have room to play; and it's not in a street. Also, they don't have as much influence as the city kids do.

Some cons:

You need to plan accordingly, there is no such thing as "a run to the store" to pick up that gallon of milk.

You give someone your address and they don't believe it is a real one, not even the post office. This makes for a headache when it comes to receiving mail.

The nearest school is about half an hour away. But, it is in a different county. Therefore, if we were to stay here long enough for Logan to attend school, unless they have room and we have permission, Logan would have to attend the school in Moriarity. About a 45 minute to 1 hour drive.


beth said...

if you get up early this am, give me a call on the house phone, the boys are asleep and I have had lots and lots of coffee. I agree on the sunrise thing, It is the ONLY peace of the day though I have done some laundry and chores this am and no sign of sun anywhere yet.

GeorgiPorgyB said...

My son was born and raised in the suburbs. When did he go rural? Not that I can't see how wonderful it can be, but it sure is a great distance from home.