Friday, August 29, 2008

Growing Up Too Fast

Why is it that so many kids these days are trying to grow up too fast? Why don't these kids want to enjoy what little childhood they have?

As someone who still thinks that I am too young for the majority of the things in the world; I ask myself why everytime I see a child rushing into adulthood. I just want to take that kid aside and tell him adulthood sucks! Literally. To a lot of people the responsibilities, displeasures, and stress suck the life right out of them.

There was this little boy I saw at a store several months back. I would estimate his age at around 9 or 10. He was with his Dad. He was dressed precisely the way his Dad was; even held himself the same way in his posture and attitude.There wasn't a wrinkle in his clothes, his hair was combed the same way, he even had on the same belt with a cell phone clipped to it. The whole appearance threw me off; I had to take a second look.

I suddenly felt myself saddened. Sure as a kid, I remember trying to be like my Mom and Dad. One time I put on the same blue shirt that looked like my Dad's and helped him work on the car. However, I was not about to jump into a flightsuit or even get up in front of a class and teach the students subjects alloted by the school system.

There is a difference in trying to be like Mom and Dad and being Mom and Dad.

So why do these kids want to rush what little life they have on this Earth? Does society put it upon them to hurry? Do we as parents?

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